A Complete Guide to Setting Up Your EarthLink Webmail

The well-known Atlanta-based ISP Earthlink offers a range of Internet access plans, from dial-up to high-speed cable. The Earthlink email accounts can be accessed via the webmail interface after they have been set up using a browser program. This indicates that the Earthlink webmail interface allows you to access your inbox from any computer anywhere in the world!

According to a recent announcement from EarthLink, all EarthLink email service users can now access the IMAP email service. Users of EarthLink Mail can directly link their Account with Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, or other email clients. The Earthlink webmail settings are required to access Earthlink email accounts in the email client.

Learn about EarthLink Webmail Settings in this post, along with instructions on configuring EarthLink in Outlook. 

We will also learn how to connect to EarthLink in Outlook Express using POP. We will also discover how to connect to EarthLink in Outlook Express to use POP. This post can assist you if you’re trying to connect your Earthlink email account to Outlook in an easy way.

IMAP configurations for Earthlink Webmail

        Incoming Mail Server: imap.earthlink.net

        Incoming Port Number: 143

        Outgoing Mail Server: smtpauth.earthlink.net

        Outgoing Port Number: 587

Earthlink Webmail POP Configurations

        Incoming Mail Server: pop.earthlink.net

        Incoming Port Number: 110

        Outgoing Mail Server: smtpauth.earthlink.net

        Outgoing Port Number: 587

Using IMAP to Configure Earthlink Account in Outlook.

  1. Launch Outlook
  2. Select Add Account under File from the menu.
  3. Selecting Manual Setup or Other Server Types will prompt you to click the Next button.
  4. After deciding between POP and IMAP, press the Next button.
  5. User Information is where you should enter the name and email address.
  6. Under Server Information, choose IMAP as the Account Type.
  7. Imap.earthlink.net should be entered as the incoming mail server.
  8. In the SMTP Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) field, type smtpauth.earthlink.net.
  9. Enter your password and EarthLink email address in the Logon Information field. 
  10. Select “More setting” from the menu.
  11. Please select the checkbox next to My Outgoing Server (SMTP) that requires Authentication under the Outgoing Server tab.
  12. Check the box for Use the same settings as my incoming mail server.
  13. Select the Advanced tab in the Incoming Server (IMAP) field and type 143.
  14. Choose SSL from the dropdown menu that says, “Use the following type of encrypted connection,” and enter 587 as the Outgoing Server (SMTP).
  15. When you’ve chosen the OK button, click the Next button.
  16. When the testing is complete, press the Close button.
  17. The window will close when you press the Finish button.

Set up POP in Outlook Express when using Earthlink

  1. Activate Outlook Express
  2. Select Accounts from the Tools menu by clicking.
  3. Select Mail from the Add menu by clicking it.
  4. Enter your name, then select Next.
  5. Enter your Earthlink email address, then select Next.
  6. My incoming mail server dropdown menu should be set to POP3.
  7. Put pop.earthlink.net in the Incoming Mail server field.
  8. Select the Next button after entering smtpauth.earthlink.net as an outgoing server.
  9. Type your password and email address for Earthlink.
  10. By checking the Remember password box, select the Next button.
  11. Press the Finish button.
  12. Choose Account, then click Properties.
  13. Select the Servers tab, then check the box next to My server requires Authentication.
  14. Select Log on using by clicking on the Settings button.
  15. Please enter your email address and password, check the box to remember them, and click OK.
  16. Click the Apply and OK buttons after entering 587 as an Outgoing Mail (SMTP) address.

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