Step by Step Guide for removing passwords from PST files

Your computer saves an Outlook Data File (.pst), which includes your messages and other Outlook items. When you add an email account from an internet service provider (ISP) like Xfinity, AT&T, or Cox, you can frequently create a POP account that downloads all of your email messages from your mail server and saves them on your computer.

One of the most widely used desktop email clients is MS Outlook. It is frequently used as the default email program for sending and receiving emails by both personal and business users. User emails, taks, contacts, notes, calendars, etc., are stored in Outlook using PST. The PST file can also be password-protected in MS Outlook.

Outlook users frequently use this option to safeguard their Outlook PST files. To prevent others from accessing their files, some users create complex passwords. The PST password could, however, be forgotten at any time. Users who forget their PST passwords must remove the password to access their data.

How to deactivate the PST password is covered in this article. In this article, we will learn simple methods to recover the forgotten password of the PST File.

How do I remove the PST password?

A PST file’s password can be removed manually or with a PST password recovery tool. You can find both manual and third-party PST password removal methods in this article.

How can the PST password be removed by hand?

Here, we’ll use the two manual techniques to unlock the Outlook PST file. You can easily remove passwords from PST files using these manual procedures.

Note: You must have Outlook installed on your computer to use this technique.

Method 1: Use pst19upg.exe to remove the PST password

The pst19upg.exe tool can be used with MS Outlook 2002 and earlier versions. You can upgrade the PST using this and remove the password from the PST file. Follow:

  1. Shut off MS Outlook
  2. Create a duplicate of the PST file.
  3. SCANPST.exe should be used to fix the PST copy.
  4. The file must then be transferred to the pst19upg.exe location.
  5. Activate the command prompt.
  6. By typing the location of pst19upg.exe and pressing the Enter key
  7. Hit Enter to run pst19upg.exe with the argument PSTFileCopy.pst. 
  8. It will then create a new file with the name PSTFileCopy.psx.
  9. The primary PST file’s name should be modified.
  10. Press the Enter key after typing pst19upg.exe -i PSTFileCopy.psx.
  11. The process will then produce a new file without a password.

Method 2: Delete password from PST by selecting “Change password.”

  1. The File tab can be found by opening Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Account Settings can be selected by clicking Account Settings.
  3. PST file selection can be made by clicking the Data Files tab.
  4. Once PST has been chosen, select Settings.
  5. Put your previous password into the Change Password box after clicking it.
  6. To finish, click the OK button and leave the remaining fields empty.

Method 3: Using PST Password Recovery Tool

The easiest method to remove the Password from outlook PST file is by using the Outlook PST Password Recovery Tool by a2zMigrations. The application provides two options one is to recovery PST file password and other is to reset PST file password. You can choose any of the method as per your need.

It should be noted that Outlook can only recover your Outlook PST password if you remember it. For this, you should employ a PST password recovery or PST password erasure tool from a third party.

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