Fix Can’t Log Into Spotify With the Correct Password?

Even when using a legitimate username and password to access your account, Spotify occasionally refuses to let you do so. Such unexpected occurrences can perplex you, mainly if the app unexpectedly locks you out. We’ll list a few solutions below that you can try to resolve this problem on Android.

Why Won’t My Correct Password Allow Me to Log Into Spotify?

Verify Your Login Information

Make sure you are using the correct login screen first. Select “Log in with Facebook” or “Log in with Apple” to sign into your Spotify account if you created it using a Facebook or Apple account. On the other hand, tap “Login” if you created your account the conventional way with a standalone username and password.

You must visit your profile page and modify your country settings if you relocate abroad. You might occasionally run into different login issues if you’re trying to connect from another nation. You can either update your country settings or log into Spotify from the country where you first registered. Contact Spotify support if you are unable to change your settings.

Set a new password

If you signed up using Facebook, you must reset your Spotify password but later deactivate your account. To create a new Spotify password, use the password reset form, enter the email address linked to your Facebook account, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

By the way, open the password reset link in Incognito Mode if you receive a message stating that it is invalid or has already been used.

Update the App

On your Android device, confirm that the most recent Spotify version is installed. To update the app, open the Play Store app, type in “Spotify,” and press the Update button. Try restarting your device to see if you can log in right away.

Remove the Cache

Occasionally, junk files on your device may prevent you from logging in to Spotify as they accumulate. Check to see if this solution works for you after clearing the cache.

Spotify can be found under Settings > Apps > All Apps. Next, select Storage and click the Clear Cache button.

After that, select Storage from Settings and delete all the unnecessary files from your device. 

Reinstall Spotify

Uninstall Spotify and restart your device if the issue still exists. Reinstall the app by visiting the Play Store once more. Reinstalling the application should resolve the login issue if it becomes corrupted.

Eliminate Access to Third-Party Apps

If you’ve connected Spotify to additional applications, go to your Apps page and select the Remove access option. You can also access the App Settings, choose Connect to Apps, and unlink Spotify from other apps.

Verify if the issue was resolved by blocking access to third-party apps.


If you’re using the correct username and password to access your Spotify account but still can’t log in, try changing your password and updating the app. Additionally, delete third-party app access to Spotify and clear the app’s cache.

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