How can emails be exported from Outlook to PDF?

Microsoft Outlook is used extensively by personal and business users to send and receive emails. Outlook stores user mailbox data in OST and PST file format. Users may wish to save emails from Outlook in PDF file format. This post will look into the different methods of saving emails from Outlook to PDF file format.

How can Outlook be converted to PDF?

You can use a manual method or a third-party Outlook to PDF converter to convert and save Outlook email to PDF. This post will look at how to convert Outlook to PDF manually.

Method 1: Use Outlook’s Print feature to convert it to a PDF.

  1. Open the email in Outlook that you want to save in PDF format.
  2. Select the Print option from the File menu by going there.
  3. Choose Microsoft Print to PDF from the Printer Status drop-down menu.
  4. Select Memo Style in the Settings window, then click the Printer icon.
  5. Click the Save button after entering a file name and specifying a location to save the PDF file.

Method 2: Use a web browser to convert and export emails from Outlook to PDF

You can convert Outlook to PDF using this method if the first one doesn’t work. To put this solution into practice, follow these steps.

  1. In Outlook, Open the email that you would like to save in PDF format
  2. Choose the Save As option from the File menu.
  3. Select HTML using the Save as type drop-down menu, then click the Save button.
  4. Now open the saved HTML file in your web browser and then press CTRL + P to open the print window
  5. Click the Save button after selecting Save as PDF from the Destination drop-down menu.
  6. Now browse the location to save your HTML file to PDF file format. 

To convert bulk emails from Outlook to HTML file format, you can use the Free OST to PST Converter tool that has the option to save OST emails to PDF file format.

Method 3: Utilize Adobe Acrobat to save Outlook email as a PDF.

  1. Obtain and set up Adobe Acrobat
  2. The Adobe PDF tab can be found on the ribbon when MS Outlook is opened.
  3. To convert an email, open it.
  4. Click the right mouse button on the email you want to convert, then select Adobe PDF.
  5. Click the Save button after providing a location to save the PDF file.

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