How to Find Someone’s Location by Phone Number using Google Maps

A navigation app can help you find your way if you meet someone in a new city but are having trouble getting your bearings. The most widely used navigation app in the world, both for PCs and mobile devices, is probably Google Maps. It is quick, precise, and almost 98 percent global coverage. Let’s investigate the process of using Google Maps to locate someone.

Does Google Maps Allow You to Track a Phone Number?

If someone shared their location with you, you can use Google Maps to track their location using their phone number. You need the express permission of that person in order to use the location tracking feature.

Launch Maps, tap on your profile photo, then choose Location sharing to enable location sharing. Next, click the Share location button and choose the person with whom you want to share your location.

How Can I Use Google Maps to Find Someone’s Location Using Their Cell Phone Number?

Open Google Maps and choose Location sharing by tapping on your profile picture. The list of people who are sharing their locations with you is at the bottom of the screen. A map pinpoint icon next to someone’s name indicates that they have shared their location with you.

To track a contact’s location using their phone number, just choose the appropriate contact.

What About Independent Apps?

There are many third-party applications available that allow you to locate someone using their phone number. Additionally, a lot of them offer a stealth mode option. You won’t even be able to tell that you are keeping an eye on the person you are tracking. But bear in mind that using such apps without the other person’s consent is prohibited. Spying on someone is also a violation of that person’s right to a private life, which is unethical in and of itself.

Over the years, Google Maps has transformed from a straightforward online map to a resource for discovering new suggested locations, researching nearby businesses, and planning detailed commutes.

The platform is a place of discovery rather than just a map.

Google Maps has many advantages for marketing to businesses. Let’s first examine the most recent updates and additions that have contributed to Google Maps’ success as a marketing tool.

A new tab called “Explore” was added to Google Maps in 2020, enabling users to quickly search for nearby businesses. 

Users can view all of their options by scrolling through the business listings and making a choice. Relevant company information is shown on the map of businesses, including:

  • Review and rating sites
  • Images and pictures
  • both posts and updates
  • urls leading to their website
  • Call button clickable
  • Click for directions


A useful built-in feature of Google Maps allows you to share your location with other users. Similar to that, you can use this option to find out where someone is by their phone number. Permission is the most important factor in location sharing and tracking in Google Maps. To find out where someone is, you must have their consent. Did this manual fully address all of your queries?