How to change Netflix Password

A crucial safeguard for your account is your Netflix password. Of course, it guards against unauthorized users accessing your account, but it also helps safeguard your credit card data. Experts agree that using a different, complex password for each website you visit is the best way to keep your information safe.Here’s how to change your Netflix password even if you can’t remember it in light of that.

How to alter your Netflix login information

The procedures for changing your Netflix password are the same on both computers and mobile devices.

1. Log into your account at 

2. Select Change password under Membership and Billing.

3. Type your current password on the Change Password page, followed by the new password you want to use. Your password needs to be six to sixty characters long; there are no restrictions on what it must contain.

4. After you have verified the new password, click “Save.”

If you forget your Netflix password, here’s how to reset it

You typically need to enter your current password to confirm that you own the account if you want to change your password. But there is a workaround if you’ve forgotten your password.

Follow the directions above to get to the Change Password page if you are currently logged into your account. After arriving there, click Forgot password? If you’ve forgotten your password after logging out of your account, go to the login page and click or tap You want assistance?

The option to change your password will be provided via email or text; you’ll receive a link to create a new password.

Enter the first and last name linked to the account, along with the card number you use to make payments if you need help remembering which email address or phone number you linked to your Netflix account.

According to reports, Netflix will end its user password-sharing option at the beginning of 2019.

While steps to prevent password sharing among its users will be in place starting in early 2023, the streaming juggernaut has long been planning to do this.

Netflix has been losing money because of this feature, but the company decided not to fix it in 2020 due to increased subscribers during the pandemic. 

However, Reed Hastings, Netflix’s CEO, has decided to discontinue the password-sharing feature due to a decline in revenue this year.

Netflix plans to charge an additional fee for users who share their account with someone outside their household beginning in the first quarter of 2019. This has already been tested in a few Latin American nations, where Netflix charges an additional USD 3.

For an ad-supported plan in the United States, Netflix intends to charge subscribers who share their account with people outside their household a fee of just under USD 6.99.