On Facebook, can I see who watched my videos?

One way to evaluate the success of a post or video on Facebook is to look at the number of views it has received. If you frequently post videos to Facebook, you can find out who watched them by following these steps.

Who Watched Your Facebook Videos and How to Find Out

While a broadcast is taking place live on Facebook, you can check the live stream management page to see who is watching. Sadly, it is impossible to find out who watched your live-streamed video after the broadcast. Although you can check the total number of viewers, you cannot identify the individual viewers of your video.

This can be avoided by inviting your viewers to interact with you and leave comments on the video while you are broadcasting.

The broadcast will be available in recorded form shortly after the live stream has ended. Unfortunately, you can’t still tell who is watching it.

Facebook frequently adds new features based on user demand. Meta will soon let users see who watched their videos after the live stream has ended.

How Do I Learn How Many People Viewed My Facebook Videos?

If the video was shared with the public, the number of views is displayed below the video. However, you need to use the Facebook app for Android and iPhone to see how many people have watched your videos. You can also check more metrics when you share a video on a Page from a desktop computer.

How to View the Video Stats for a Facebook Page

For information on the numbers related to the videos you’ve shared on your Page, go to Insights. Select Videos after that, and look over the data.

Additionally, you can check out the insights for particular videos—Select Publishing Tools (Meta Business Suite) from your Page to carry out that action.

After that, select the video you want to view by clicking on Video Library. You can look up various statistics, such as the viewership and engagement of that video, regarding its efficacy.

You might track how many people watched, commented on, and shared your video. Remember that these statistics only apply to videos with at least 100 views.

You can also see how frequently your video was watched for at least three seconds and how frequently the entire thing was viewed.  


You can only see how many people watch your Facebook Live videos while the broadcast continues. You can count the number of viewers after the stream is over, but not their identities. To view the statistics for the videos you’ve shared on Facebook, if you manage a Page, go to Insights.